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Almost ALL the Marketing Gurus
Are Lying to You!

If You’re a Beginner in Affiliate Marketing, then It is HARD! You Must Get Help!

How to Make  Money Online
“Without” You Doing ALL the Hard
Time-Consuming Work.

Discover the Secrets to Making Money Easier and Faster.

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How do the LAZIEST Online Marketers
Make Money Online Every Day?

It’s a SECRET . . . wouldn’t it be
great if you were inside?

      Most online marketers or Internet marketers are LAZY!  After all, this is why they chose online marketing as their vehicle to earn a full-time income.  They thought by simply clicking a few buttons in order to make a 4, 5 or 6 figure income sounded great.
      All successful online marketers have learned the SECRET you’re about to discover.

This is ONE secret they do not tell – and they keep it close to their vest.


 I’m Spilling the Beans . . . it’s time you knew the truth.

Website design, auto responders, graphics, SEO and time-sucking marketing routines are NOT easy and nobody will learn it all overnight.

Granted, some people may be able to create a website, but they know nothing about auto responders or promoting products and services on the Internet.  Or, they may know all about promotion but know very little about all the techie stuff.  You can probably relate, right?

Or, they may know all about promotion but know very little about all the techie stuff.  You can probably relate, right?

Trying to learn all of this stuff, quickly, is an overwhelming feat.  Just thinking about all of this stuff will give the average person a headache and crazy nightmares.

We’re NOT a guru, NOT your teacher and NOT a coach. We’re just like you.  We learned the hard way, now we’re simply sharing with you so you do not have to struggle so much!


Did You Know that Many Online Marketing Coaches LIE To Their Students?

Not all, but many online marketing coaches LIE to their students.  They imply they know how to do all of this stuff, but in reality they may NOT know how to do most of it. This also includes all the “Article” writing too.

Oh sure, they may know how it all works and know how to quickly give you the outline of the steps, but they seldom admit they actually perform all of these functions and methods themselves.  The student is in for a big surprise.

Creating a landing page or squeeze page to build an email list is essential and most any online marketing person will preach this.  However, building the squeeze page and using the software may not be their expertise at all.

Article writing or blogs is another thing that most online marketers just hate doing. It is highly time-consuming and most marketers are NOT writers.  However, their websites and product review sites are packed with well-written articles.  How is this possible?  Hold on . . . I’ll tell you how.

Spreading the Word About Your Products and Services is an Essential Ingredient in the Process.

Naturally, creating a buzz and getting a massive amount of traffic to your website is absolutely essential if you expect to earn a living.  After all, this is where your future customers must go in order to click the link and purchase your products or services.

There are over 200 methods that have been used over the years in order to pull potential online customers to a website.  Every marketer and marketing genius thinks about this stuff until their nose bleeds.

Website traffic is the lifeblood of your online business.

Every marketer and marketing genius thinks about this stuff until their nose bleeds.  Website traffic is the lifeblood of any online business.  The correct SEO strategies are extremely important – but you do not want to get ripped-off.  Get it Cheap.

Some beginners in online marketing spend hundreds of hours with their projects. It robs them of their life and time from their family and friends.  And most have very little to show for their efforts.

Most beginners receive a small trickle of traffic with very little income.  Most beginner Internet marketers end up quitting because there is not enough hours in a day and they earn almost zero.

Most beginner online marketers NEVER learn the secret.  However, I’m going to spill the beans and let you in on the greatest secret in Online Marketing.


We All Know, the Corporation or Person Who Owns the Construction Company Did Not Build that Tall Skyscraper Totally by Himself.

  • Yes, he is the owner of the company.
  • Yes, he used his vision and his business sense to build a wonderful building.
  •  Yes, he knew exactly how and where to get the necessary assistance to build this terrific building.
  • Yes, he gets all the credit!
  • Yes, he receives a healthy reward. Behind the scenes, it took literally hundreds of experts to build that tall skyscraper.
  • It took architects, structural engineers, safety engineers, plumbers, electrical contractors, steal workers and many others.

Guess what?  Most of the hard-working men are almost invisible. They work daily like little ants. Most people do not know their names or their daily accomplishments.

However, the person, developer or visionary gets all the glory and reaps all the big rewards.  And he/she should! It is his/her vision and their ability to get it done is what matters most.

It’s the same way with Online Marketing, there are specialists who can do all the (time-consuming) work for you and it’s very inexpensive.

Successful Internet Marketers seldom build a single website or do any of the time-sucking marketing that should be done almost weekly, but they enjoy the rewards!

Online marketing is not like it used to be. Tech labor today is extremely cheap, if you know where to look.

Successful Internet Marketers enjoy the Internet lifestyle.  They reap the rewards as the owner of their online business and live an independent lifestyle.

Most online marketers or affiliate marketers become semi-retired once the business model is created and the formula is used.

The websites and marketing become a well-oiled machine and the rest of the projects become a “Rinse and Repeat” situation.  You can even find a project manager that can oversee your entire business.

Successful online marketers, seldom get their hands dirty and they seldom do any heavy lifting when it comes to their business.

How Does an Online Marketing Beginner Get Other Experts to do the Heavy Lifting for CHEAP?

Here’s the big secret.  Allow other experts to help you. They want to help you!   “Do not make the big mistake of jumping over $100 bills just to pick up the Pennies!” Grow your online business with the help of others – CHEAP!

There are many websites available online where professionals bid on certain jobs.  Many online marketers use these job sites, however, they can be sort of expensive.  For

For heavy-liftingnow, I suggest you stay away from those sites. Plus you really do not need them and this is why.  Let me explain.

Right now, you’ll learn another big secret. You can get nearly everything you need for CHEAP.

Website design, WordPress, programming, graphics, auto responders, article writing, SEO and gobs of promotion and marketing.

Eventually, you’ll have a system down and your online empire will be working making you profits every day of the week.

Here’s part of the formula.  Let’s say you have three or four people working on different projects. The projects will get done faster working with a team of experts.

Starting off, each project can finance the next – but the cost is very low. The faster more projects are completed, then the more money you can make.

It is not uncommon for Super Affiliate marketers to have two or three new small websites up and running within a week and soon earning money.  Some Super affiliates might have 100 to 300 small websites or more and are all

Some Super affiliates might have 100 to 300 small websites or more and are all earning healthy profits. Some affiliate may only have two or three websites and are earning a great living.

The answer to many solutions is to utilize the GEEKS. We also want to recommend honest and affordable online marketing “mentors” who can help guide you and provide that much-needed FORMULA.

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To your prosperity,
The Geeks

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