How To Gain Trust as an Internet Marketer

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When it comes to doing business online trust is vital as people are handing over their hard earned cash and are taking a risk by dealing with you whether that be for services or products.

Let’s NOT split hairs.
People Buy From People They TRUST.

The potentially anonymous nature of the Internet makes it difficult for anyone to know if you’ll actually deliver what you promise. – if they DO NOT know you.

Customers fear non-delivery of order or being ripped off with very little to NO value in the product or service they ordered.

Your job as an INTERNET MARKETER is to provide multiple ways to create and nurture TRUST if you intend on marketing products and services for the long haul.

So what are 10 ways you can build that trust online?

1. You Should be Responsive.

YOU MUST BE HIGHLY RESPONSIVE WITH YOUR CUSTOMER IN MIND. If a potential customer asks a question online or requesting more information and you either don’t respond at all or you take a few days, a week or a month to respond, it is sending the wrong signals to your potential customer or reader.



People generally trust people who know what they are talking about. They are experts in their field due to their knowledge and time spent in their industry. People will trust a person more if they are honest and provide expert knowledge and are passionate about their field or industry.

3. When people notice YOU in many areas of the Internet they tend to TRUST you more.

When potential customers search for you on Google and they find your brand everywhere such as your website, blog, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and referenced on other sites then it can bring TRUST to a new level. If they can’t find you or there are very few references to you online then trust could be lower.

4. Videos Can Create Trust.

Video provides a way for people to see the personal side of YOU and or your company and your employees that you cannot easily fake. It provides an insight into your brand and moves the trust factor up another notch.

5. Are Others Recommending You? If So, It Can Create More TRUST.

For example: If a top blogger or expert in your industry recommends you and your company then that could make a large difference in a TRUST factor. Give personal interview for those who are in the Trust business. Large audience Bloggers interview marketers or authors on social and mainstream media to vouch for their new book, product or service.

6. You Are Who You Associate With . . .

Associating with other established people and brands creates TRUST. So appearing at a speaking engagement or being associated in different ways with other respected people will go a long way to building trust. People automatically trust you if you’re associating with others they admire and trust also.

7. Using Trusted Payment Services

For Example: Paypal  has created a global business by removing the risk from people buying when they “BUY” online from you if you. They provide a trust factor where they assume the risk of the buying transaction from an ecommerce transaction around the corner or from the other side of the world.

8. Social Media and Attention Quantification

Social media provides a means of quantifying attention. Attention quantification can be evidenced by how many times your blog post has been re-tweeted or Facebook shared by having these buttons on your blog or website.  This social proof provides another layer of trust by displaying your brands popularity.

9. Awards and Trustworthy Emblems ON your website tell a story about your creditability and TRUST.

Awards that are exhibited on your site that are linked to the award site go a long way towards building TRUST with your visitors and customers. Achieve awards and illustrating special TRUST emblems provided by your from peers and independent associations to creates MANY bricks in the wall of TRUST.

10.  TRUST Does Not Usually Happen Automatically or INSTANTLY.

You must do something every day to build TRUST within the Internet Marketing community. Good news does not travel as fast as BAD NEWS. So, remain consistent and persistent and ALWAYS do the right thing.

There is no room for GREED when you’re building a TRUSTING good reputation “online”. NEVER take advantage and always deliver what your promise. It isn’t rocket science. Being a good business man is NOT about being greedy and cheating your customers. Even if you have to bite the bullet – be an honorable person and your reputation will proceed you.

Your customers will learn to trust that your products or services are exactly what you say and YOU will stand behind them 100%. TRUST IS BUILT AND EARNED.