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What to do now?

 How to Get to the Top of Google 2013  Post Penguin Panda

Many people are asking and wondering if SEO is dead.  Internet Marketers of all types are figuring
it out slowly but surely that we must go around the SEO concept.  Google Panda and Penguin thing has created a stir within the
IM community and forced many marketers to focus on REAL marketing.  Google went on a mission to hit all the spammy sites using
SEO black-hat methods.

Benefits of Being at the Top of Google for your Niche:

  • You’re going to get all kinds of traffic going to your site everyday, on complete autopilot.
  • Not only do you get traffic, but it’s higher-quality targeted traffic. This means the people that are visiting your site are
    looking for YOU and what YOU have to offer.
  • This leads to more hits, leads, sales, subscribers, you name it!
  • All this usually means you may make a gob of money without even trying!

Google Strategies That Don’t Work as Much Anymore

you dont say How to Get to the Top of Google 2013  Post Penguin Panda

In the past if you wanted to get to the top of Google listing for your particular “Niche”
and stay there, you would focus on getting a high number of QUALITY back links pointing towards your website.  This method
would ad almost instant authority to your website and Google would place you closer to the top of the page for better results and
views.  SEO was all hard work but once done correctly – it was smooth sailing from then on.

Many marketers would use KEY words in their blog for high ranking.  However, the all powerful Google says NO more.
Google will bust you now.   It’s not a good idea to use your “key” word in your website very much.  Very weird.

Is Search Engine Optimization Dead?

rip 300x199 How to Get to the Top of Google 2013  Post Penguin Panda

Traditional strategies for ranking on Google is all but gone.  It’s dead.
Marketers can no longer  manipulate their search rankings anymore. Google says NO more!

No worries!  There is still hope for Internet Marketers.

This How To Get Your “Niche” Website to the Top of Google … so far it works.

 ”Add high-quality and valuable content to your site!”

Google loves good quality content for their audience. This is what Google is about. They want people who are using
their search engine to view high-quality useful information.  In other words – no CRAP.

aha 300x219 How to Get to the Top of Google 2013  Post Penguin Panda

No more poorly written outsourced articles written by certain people who barely speak English.
No more KEY word stuffing on your website.  You are being forced to be a bit more consumer conscience and give the reader quality.

 What Do You Do Next?

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